Promoting Reading

My Baby Girl is in Kindergarten and is learning how to Read! It’s amazing how time flies. I remember it was just yesterday she was learning her alphabet. She is my sponge though and I love to see her eyes light up as she tries to read and spell every single word. I never realized how IMPORTANT it is to read to your child. To just turn off the darn TV and read. So here are some tips that I find to promote a reader friendly environment for your child.

  • Make an event out of getting your child a library card.
  • Use everyday outings such as the grocery store or field trips (museums) as opportunities to read.
  • Play word games together. (scrabble jr., boggle jr.)
  • Make up stories together and illustrate them.
  • Encourage your child to keep a journal.

There are many different ways to encourage your child to read. I’m curious to know what yours are. Please feel free to leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “Promoting Reading

  1. I am afraid, I have not promoted reading at all. I have procrastinated about allowing them to get a library card. I also owe $25.00 to the library and just have not gone in there to pay it. I need to though. I miss listening to them read. Thanks for this timely post.

    • Thank you for your honesty. I have also done that but I have finally taken a stand to be more intentional in reading with my kids. Baby steps. I don’t like going to the library because I forget to take them back or my kids are too loud. So I just garage sale my books and get them for like .25 and then I don’t have to worry about the late fees. I would encourage you to pick a certain time every day and schedule it so you know that is the time to read and maybe that will help. Kayleigh

  2. Great ideas! I saw the cutest little boy at the library today. His grandmother had taken him for the very first time. After they were finished signing up for a card, he turned to her and said, “Does this mean we can read all these books together for free?” So precious 🙂

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