Cloth Diapers

So I hybrid diaper which to means I have one in regular diapers and one in cloth. Ill explain a little why. So when I was pregnant with my fourth baby I got really excited about cloth diapers. I don’t know why I think because I thought they were cute and Im becoming more environmentally friendly. (saving the green in my wallet) HaHa! Even though I had already stocked up diapers for the baby through toilet training. (coupons, do I need to really go into more detail? ;))

So I made some of my own diapers (see photo below) and some still need to be sewed but knew I wouldn’t have enough time or energy at the end of my pregnancy so I bought a bunch on craigslist. I got 10 bum genius velcro that were practically brand new, her son wore two and then found out he was allergic to the fabric. WooHoo for me. So I got them for $10 each. I think that is an amazing price for BG. Then I got I think 7 or 8 kawaii. Oh and 6 charlie banana which I think are my favorite. I love that Charlie Banana inserts go in the front. I didn’t start exclusively using cloth diapers until about two weeks ago. I used off and on with the other that is in diapers but never exclusively did. Why you ask only until two weeks ago? Well i ran out of diapers that were his size and until he gets bigger he is in cloth diapers. Which I like them much more then I thought I would. Im not huge on when he poops in them but it is great that I don’t have to leave the house for diapers.

Now I don’t use cloth wipes. I have them ready to be sewn with my diapers. Like I mentioned above who knows when Im going to finish. LOL! After M was born I had no time. Not to mention my office was A MESS! I had no where to sew if I wanted to. So anyways I use regular wipes which is a pain with cloth diapers because you really shouldn’t wash wipes. So then I have to carry dirty wipes and throw them in the garbage it is just highly inconvenient. I didn’t understand before the need or want for cloth wipes until now. I would love to hear from you. If you cloth diaper or have and which are your favorite. Thanks for stopping by.



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