Help! I need some advice

So you would think that by the fourth child I would know what I was doing and be giving advice. Not (desperately) seeking it. My son Mr. M is 5.5 months and will not take a nap in a bed at all. He will only sleep in the bed if its at night and I’m nursing him. So where does he sleep you ask? My lap and if he isn’t being held he cries, and with me in bed at night. OK now a little background. He is the first one I have successfully nursed. He also eats on demand. It sounded great and made total sense at first. Now I wish he was on a schedule and I put him in his bed more. He would just always fall asleep nursing in the chair and by time I would get up he would be awake.

As I’m writing this my heart is breaking while I listen to him cry in his crib. But he needs to learn to sleep in a bed right? OK now it’s your turn what do you think I should do? Any advice you can send my way is greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.

Look at him he makes it very difficult to say no too. 😦


One thought on “Help! I need some advice

  1. I can’t give you any great advice. I can only say that my babies were just the same. They both nursed on demand and rarely (if ever!) napped in a bed. Both slept with me/us at night till at least age 3. Sometimes it’s tough, but for us, it was just right. We knew they’d eventually grow out of it and we’d never get those months and years back. If that’s what you decide for your family, just know you’re not alone. 🙂

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