So today is Ash Wednesday. I would of never known if others on Facebook didn’t post about it here. Truthfully I have never celebrated lent before. I always thought it was for Catholics. Come to find out it’s not. I was sitting thinking what could I give up for lent. Usually people Im guessing give up a type of food. Like last year I know my Aunt and Cousin gave up cheese. They were brave I love cheese how could I give that up? But how could Jesus give his life for us?

When I compare the two it definitely seems doable. So back to me thinking. The first thing that popped in my mind was TV. Yes I think my family and I should give up TV for 40 days, six weeks. Oh my I feel an anxiety attack coming on. If I blog about it then I have people to keep me accountable.

Now you ask why TV. Well I have the TV on all day. Not really because I watch it but because I need the background noise. It is a security blanket for me. Why? you ask. Well I grew up an only child and spent a lot of time home by myself when my mom worked, so I always had all the lights on and the TV going, even if I was in the other room doing something the TV was always on.

So I’m going to turn the TV off for 40 days. My plan is to read more, and spend more time with my kids. I will post each day or try to post each day how its going. I would do a link up thing but I don’t know how to yet since I’m pretty new at this blog thing and maybe Ill learn a little more about it while I have no TV. 🙂 Pray for me. This is definitely going to be a challenge. I’m using this here to help me. If you click on the link above The Johns Family blog has a code to get this download for free.

Well here it goes. Comment or comment on my FB page and let me know what you think. Am I crazy? Probably. Isn’t this going to be hard? Definitely. Will you join me? Won’t you please. Tomorrow Ill let you know what my husband said when I broke the new to him. 🙂


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