think before i speak….

So I told my husband we weren’t going to have TV for 40 days for lent and told me I was crazy. He used more words but to some it up I’m crazy. LOL! To tell you the truth I was quite surprised. Then he said well I wont have to fight over the remote now. Ha ha. Well so Ive compromised and decided to make it from 10-5 with no TV. He thinks its unreasonable to do it for the whole day and I just wont be able to do it. Well he is probably right. I got so caught up in the idea I didn’t REALLY think it all through.

I will be implementing the lent verses still weekly and the 102030 GO responsiblity system still. I started last night with the chores and oh my goodness I thought my kids or they thought they were going to die. They were screaming and crying and saying “mom I just can’t do it, this is too much”! Well they did it anyways. So that’s all folks. (today) Have a great day talk to you tomorrow!


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