Are you oraganized? I know I am.

I’ am organized. Ha Ha, no I’m not. I wish to be organized and this Free (isn’t that great) Blog Planner from Infarrantly Creative, has helped me on my way to achieve that Long-term goal.

When I was first asked to review a blog planner I thought I don’t need a blog planner, I’ll pick the simplest one because I can do it with out one. But then I started to use it and oh my goodness was I completely wrong. It helped me more ways then I thought it could. I love her boxes that she gives with no lines. I think when I see lines I feel like I have to fill all of them and then I get anxious thinking I missed something and it’s not sufficient enough.

So I will tell you what I liked and didn’t like (don’t worry there isn’t much I didn’t like) about this blog planner.


  • I love the design and the colors. It’s very easy on the eyes and not to busy.
  • I love the simplicity of the boxes. I love that it is split into ideas, to do, weekly stats and people to encourage.
  • I think if there were lines and Monday, Tuesday, etc… I would become overwhelmed and feel I needed to post something spectacular everyday and if I didn’t I failed.
  • I love the calendar page. I though at first I didn’t need it. I thought I could do just the planning sheet and then the calendar I would just leave and not use. Well I though about it and I do need the calendar page. It’s great to see which day all month I have reviews scheduled and different posts scheduled or if there is a blog party I want to join. So yeah don’t under estimate the calendar YOU NEED IT! Or at least I do. J


I have to print it. That’s it. I love that it’s free and I love that I can easily print pages as I need them but I don’t want to print 52 pages on my printer, especially when it doesn’t print very well.

Yes I can go to a store and have them print it but it adds up and if I wanted to spend that kind of money I probably would just buy a pre made one.

Ok so there are my pros and cons. But if you are wondering more of why I didn’t print it out here is why. Well I have a planner that I bought and downloaded and print it one month at a time. Which is what I will do with my blog planner. It just works better for me that way not to have it all at once. Especially since I’m kind of sporadic when it comes to planners sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t. Like I said I’m working on being organized. It is difficult to get in the habit when I never learned the habit growing up. Not to mention I’m a mom of four and life happens and sometimes blog posts don’t.



As you see above it is also great for coloring so my son thought. You can also see how horrible my printer is but it works for me.
So on a different note here are the things she suggests you will need if you would like to make your own blog planner. She also has a video on the site for you. Here are the things she suggests you need to set up.

52 sheets printable paper

12 blank sheets of printable calendar

2 pieces decorative chip board for front and back cover

Optional: pen loop spiral binding service

So there you go those are my thoughts and I hope you enjoyed them.

On a side note though when you go on Infarrantly Creative’s Blog you will also find plenty of Pinterest worthy ideas. Including many other printables and DIY projects. You can definitely get lost. I also want to make sure to thank Beckie of Infarrantly Creative for her creativity and her need for a blog planner so that we may also be blessed by it.

Now go get your free blog planner and Be Organized.

Have a lovely organized day. Kayleigh




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