Well I have recently been given the opportunity to review FamilyMint. What is FamilyMint? You may ask. No it’s not a big breath mint that you share with your family, which sounds kind of weird if you think about it. LOL! Anyways it is actually a money-saving program to work on with your kids. Below I will share some of the features of the program, including how much it costs and a little how it works. Then I will share what I thought of the program.

Ok so the program has two separate parts a work book and the online application. The work book has 4 chapters that include vocabulary and practice problems. It also includes extra practice sheets and a certificate for your child at the end. Also if you wanted extra workbooks if you are using with more than one child that is an option they offer.


They are running special right now for a lifetime membership which includes work book and an online application for $29.95

*additional workbooks are also 50% off.

If you just wanted to use the online application then it is $4.95 a month or 24.99 a year.

*There is also a 14 day free trial available before you buy to try out the features of what I think is a great program.


Some of the features they have for the online portion are:

Goals (I’ll share my goal I made below and a screen shot of it).

Savings Plan

Transfer funds

Withdraw funds

Deposit funds

screenshot fm web

*photo above is from FamilyMint website showing the snapshot of the online portion of the program.


SO my thoughts on this program is it is a great program to help kids learn about money. As a formerly in debt “teenager” I definitely could have have benefited from something like this in school. I never had someone teach me about budgeting or saving or credit cards. They teach us how to balance our bank account but apart from that I was clueless. Thank heavens I met my husband. He is the one who helped me pay off all my credit cards and actually saved me some late fees by calling them and getting fees waved if we paid in full. He is the one who paid them for me and I paid back since it was before we were married. So the day we got married I paid off the last of my debt and we started our marriage completely debt free. It is an amazing feeling when you get to that point. So now I’m a huge advocate on helping kids learn how to manage money, and I want to make sure my children learn what I didn’t learn. Even though my oldest is only 5 I believe it is never too early to be teaching them the value of money.

So you are probably wondering why I’m talking about me when this is for kids. Well I tried to explain it to my oldest who I mentioned above is 5 and I think it is a little over her head at the moment. I did read through the work book and played around with the website and I think this tool is great. I love that I can add multiple kids and because we are in a digital age and all banking is online these days this will really help when she gets to the point when she is ready to have her own account. My daughter just started asking about doing chores for money so maybe she is ready now I’ll have to see how it goes. I’m not sure she understands still.

I did though play around with the online program for myself. I put in a mock vacation for the goals portion and how much we needed before we can go. Below you can see a screen shot of it. I added $40.00 to it today so you could see how it shows you a percentage of what you have saved. Then below it shows what deposits you have made. I think this is my favorite feature. I love how you can see the progress of the goal and my kids can see and as we add more they can get excited about it.

screen shotfamily mint

So if you have kids that are at the age to finally grasp the concept of money or are starting to ask for more money I urge and encourage you to check out FamilyMint which is an award-winning program that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Go visit them at

Check them out on Facebook at:

*Just a note that FamilyMint is one word incase you wanted to google it, it may be helpful to you.



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