Pop Opera Review

Treasure Swamp Pop Opera

Ok so when I think of Opera I think of The Phantom of the Opera. I think of people on stage singing in extravagant costumes that remind me of the renaissance. When I was given the opportunity to review Treasure Swamp Pop Opera I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought what is it going to sound like is it going to be any good? Let me just tell you I was pleasantly surprised. It was created by the same people who were nominated for a Grammy in 2011 for Best Children’s Album Gulf Alive.

treasure swamp

Let me start out by saying that this pop opera has over five different types of music throughout it. As a lover of all music I think that is great especially since I’m playing it for my kids and this give them the opportunity to experience all different types of music. Since I homeschool this provides some great teaching moments.

Ok so now this pop opera is about swamp animals. Yes you heard right. It is an opera sung by “swamp animals” who are fighting for their community. It is sung by raccoons, frogs, a pirate, and some possums plus many more animals all singing. Now this is all so great for any child’s imagination, it even has sparked my imagination. Can you imagine a chorus of frogs on a log singing?

So I would recommend this to anyone with children. Your older children may not admit they like it. But I’m sure children of any age will enjoy this CD.   

If you visit their site you can listen to samples of the CD. You also can buy the CD here. So go check them out listen to some samples buy there CD and Enjoy.


Thank you to Banana Plant for providing me this CD to review.  




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