“I’m being obedient right momma?” “Yes you are.”

What is a virtue? Well this is what dictionary.com says:

Virtue: noun

1. Moral excellence; goodness; righteousness.

2. Conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude.

Now after you read the definition of what a virtue is, isn’t that what you would want your kids to grow up to be. To be virtuous children. How do you teach your kids to be virtuous? Well thank you to the wonderful people at We Choose Virtues you can. They have taken the time to develop this curriculum for teachers, homeschoolers, or to just use in your own home.

Im so blessed to of had the chance to review We Choose Virtues. I have to say that I LOVE this tool. Yes I call it a tool because it is helping me build my kids in to obedient, kind, and honest, kids. I have seen a dramatic change, like a knock your socks off type of change.

Example: My oldest daughter who is 5.5 now says “I’m being obedient right mom?” She also has learned to spell the word and had written out I am Obedient on paper and gave it to me. Let me tell you that that was a proud moment for this momma.




Picture 1: This is my calendar board for school and you can see on top where I pin the virtue for the week.

Picture 2: A close-up of picture 1

Picture 3: These little wicker basket drawers are right below my calendar which is where I keep my virtue cards.

Picture 4: This is our magnetic chalkboard (sorry its dirty can’t get it to clean right) wall we made it covers our entire wall. Every week usually Saturdays I write the virtue like it says on the card then throughout the week we review it.

So now my daughter says I’m being obedient right mom? Or I’m being honest right? I think that is so great. It has helped me too though. I have some patience but I also tend to yell a lot or let things bother me you know lack of patience with my kids. So when we did I am patient wow that was convicting.

So do I recommend this? ABSOLUTELY! They also have a set without bible verses if that isn’t for your family. I personally loved that I could put the virtue with a bible verse. Oh and of course the coloring pages were great. My 2 year old was able to participate in the coloring while the girls and I went over the virtue.  They also have parent cards that go along with the virtue to give you some ideas in how to incorporate it with your kids. I’m waiting for my taxes so I can get them for myself.

Some of the different items that are included in the kits or separately are:

Virtue clues which are what I have.

Kids of virtueville story book which I believe is new.

They have kid’s awards and posters.

Plus a lot more. Go over to We Choose Virtues site and take a look.

So now onto the financial portion. I will list the homeschool and parent kit prices then I will put some coupon codes below for you. Who doesn’t love discounts? Although I would invest in this even without a discount.

Homeschool kit-98.99

Family Kit-68.99

You can also by things separately. Also if you are a teacher they have classroom kits also.

Coupon codes:

HOME20 good for the month of March and April on any kit

Virtue15 is good on any order.



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