My favorite wall

Ok so here it is my magnetic chalkboard wall. This is by far my favorite wall in my entire house. Definitely took time and money but the end result was definitely worth it. DSCN4958


So we had to do two or three coats of magnetic paint and then I think two or three more cans of chalkboard paint. At $10 a can I think this wall cost around $100. I painted the wall to match the rest of the house so even though you can’t tell it is actually chocolate brown. I believe there is about 12 different colors you can choose from.

I love that the kids can draw and create and practice writing. What I don’t love is that I can’t get the darn thing clean. As you can see above in my picture it has chalk all over it. 😦 So if anyone has any ideas for me I would appreciate it.

Now blue and purple chalk show up best on my wall especially if you want to see it from far away. Below is a picture from our we choose virtues curriculum. I write the verse and the virtue on the wall so the kids can see it. My daughter often goes up there and copies what I wrote. It is great for vocab words, math practice etc… Now I don’t really use the magnet feature too often. But next year when I use the All about spelling and reading levels 1 and 2 with my girls I will definitely be using it, since I don’t have any white boards at the moment.


So that’s it for my chalkboard wall. Hope you enjoyed my tiny post. My next post I’ll share my homeschool closet.

Blessings Kayleigh


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