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I love to create. I love to create all things. I love to sew, color, paint, and make jewelry. My newest venture is learning how to create an atmosphere my children are going to thrive in while they are at home with me and we begin on our homeschooling journey. My only problem was that I was completely disorganized. I had no idea how I was going to plan my days and that caused an unbelievable amount of anxiety with this mama. I looked at all different types of planners. I looked at online planners, free print out planners, and just regular lesson planners both teacher and homeschool. I was overwhelmed. When I got the news that I was going to have the opportunity to review the Apologia Ultimate homeschool planner designed by Debra Bell I was so excited. Like jumping off the walls excited. I couldn’t believe it. My prayers were answered. All that weight was lifted right off my shoulders.


So when I first got my planner in the mail I looked through it grabbed my nearest teachers manual and had at it. I started planning my lessons for next year. It took me a few tries to perfect my system in a way that would work for me but I finally got it.

The planner itself is beautiful and durable and flexible. I just love it. I can schedule other things outside of homeschooling also not just lesson plans which is great. I just love the flexibility of the design. It has everything I need. Well it doesn’t have a built in coffee maker, but everything else I need to help keep me sane while teaching my kids. Oh and these planners don’t have dates in them so  you can fill them in yourself. So if you are like me and planning your school year already for next year you can buy the planner anytime you want. 🙂


I also received the student planner which is also a great tool for my daughter. Since I have four kids and I cannot possibly fit all the things needed for each lesson on my planner I can put it in hers. She will be in 1st grade next year but I don’t think it is to early to teach time management and organization skills. When I was in school as a kid I was never taught the importance of staying organized and implementing it into the rest of my life. I now struggle with that and don’t want that for my kids. So next year I will start writing her assignments in the planner for her and the things she will need for each subject and by the end of the year I hope she will be writing in it herself. Obviously with guidance.

So now that you know how much I love this planner here are some of the logistics of the planner. You can choose two different designs. It has folder type pockets in the front and back of the planner. Which is great since I like to store random things in random places and then lose them. LOL! One of my favorite elements of this planner is the battle plan, and bible plan pages to plan for the week ahead. I definitely struggle with staying in the word and this will definitely be a great tool I can implement into my week.  It also has quotes and verses throughout the planner. How great is that? We can always use some encouraging words.  It also has a monthly calendar, reading lists for each of the kids for school year, field trips list, and prayers plus many more.

This planner retails for $28 and the student planner is $19 which to me at first I thought was a bit steep. But now that I’ve had a chance to use it and see all the great features it has to offer, I will definitely be buying this planner every year. I think having a planner right in front of me all the time that I can write in and personalize and won’t get lost in cyber space is great for me.

So they have the Moms planner, student planner and even a teen planner which I haven’t seen up close in person but I’m sure is just as great as the others.



4 thoughts on “Life Plans

  1. Organization isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I wasn’t taught it as a kid either and have had to be very intentional about learning to organize as an adult. I love that you’re seeking better for your kids! Very nice review!

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