Spanish for you (Review)

Hola! Ok so today I’m going to share with you a homeschool or if you don’t homeschool educational supplement for…… can you guess? Yep Spanish.
Spanish for you is a Spanish curriculum for grades 3-8. It is self-study, affordable, and very easy to use. There are three different packages you can choose from.
1. Viajes
2. Estaciones
3. Fiestas

Each package comes with:
1. Lesson Plans (PDF) 12.95-14.95
2. Audio files which are of the entire book (MP3)
3. Self-Checking worksheets (PDF)
4. Flash cards and activity pictures
5. 24-30 week lesson guide (PDF)
6. The lesson book which can be either soft cover or e-book 39.95-64.95
You can see more of what is offered with each package here. They also offer 4-6 week trials which I think is great so you don’t have to purchase a full curriculum if it doesn’t work for you. If you are a teacher they also have a teacher lesson plan option for you.


My thoughts.
Well my first thoughts when I first received this curriculum was overwhelming. We received all the files through email which is great for me so I can print multiple copies because I have 4 kids that eventually can use this. And also because it saves room on my bookshelf. The files were a little jumbled up and hard to organize. But I will say that the author listened to the reviews and our concerns and has since reorganized all the files and separated them.

Now I didn’t get to use this as I would have liked because I have very small children. My oldest is going to be six. I thought I could reorganize it to fit my children’s ages. Well that didn’t go so well.  Not because of the curriculum but because of me. I need things to be black and white. So if it is not for a specific age I get a lot of anxiety trying to put it together myself. So we just kind of went over numbers and colors.

The only real complaint I have is it doesn’t have enough pictures. Personal preference obviously because I’m a very visual learner. I need the color and pictures in order to really remember what I’m looking at. So anyways I listened to the audio and read through the book and it definitely is very well thought out and organized.
So my overall thoughts are if you are looking for an affordable Spanish curriculum for your kids and are on a budget and looking for something you can use with multiple grades especially this is the one. It a few years when my kids are older I will definitely look back on this and try it again. Thank you to Spanish for you for providing this curriculum for me to look at.




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