Letting go of School

So right now I’m working with my four year old on all about reading pre-reading and math u see primer. She is also doing Handwriting with out tears. I started with this big long list of workbooks and lessons and it just got to do to much for her. She has a very limited attention span and realized to just KISS (keep it simple silly). Silly was a different word before but I don’t allow that word it our house so I changed it to silly. 🙂

The big theme that seems to be going around this year is to slow down. Im home schooling not doing School at Home. This I believe is a hug misconception with “new” homeschoolers like myself. I can’t below the amount of resources and information there is out there on home schooling. As soon as I think I’ve heard it all and see all the curriculum there is our there I learn something new. Everytime I think I don’t think I can do this even though I feel in my heart I should and have prayed about and feel peace about it from God I read a blog or facebook status and realize Im not alone and there are others out there with the same struggle.

To go about homeschooling thinking there won’t be BAD days is completely foolish. I think just by lowering my expectations and following the lead of my children I will have less bad days because I won’t feel like a failure if everything doesn’t go according to plan. But then that moment happens when you think you have been wasting your time and think your daughter is never going to learn to write with our tracing and you recite a word and how to spell it and she writes it. What a proud moment and a he relief that I’m not a failure after all.

I’m also more aware that almost everything is a learning experience. I taught my two year old about gravity with the ketchup bottle. By showing him if he holds it upside down it will drop so he can squeeze it out (don’t leave child unattended with the ketchup bottle). LOL! He didn’t know that but I did. 🙂 I was outside with my daughter the other day and we were talking about bees and why they are on the followers and teaching her about pollination. I’m just so much more aware of teaching and growing and learning with my kids. It is so empowering.

So I will keep trucking along on this learning journey and think I will probably school through summer now that I’ve realized it doesn’t have to be formal sit down learning. The world really is our classroom.



One thought on “Letting go of School

  1. You are right! We don’t need a classroom. I think every HS mom has been in the same place you are… “Am I doing this right? Am I doing enough?” And then the worst– “Am I keeping up with schools?” God gave our children the parents that He knew would be perfect for them! Teaching them about Him is really what matters! 🙂 Keep up the good work! 🙂

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