Ooka Island Adventure (review)



Start screen where you can either choose to play the games or go to read a book.

I’m so excited to share with you Ooka Island Adventure. OIA is learn to read program for ages 3-7. So before I go into the logistics      of the program I’m going to share my thoughts and of course my children’s thoughts since they are the one that played the game.

When I first got the game it came on a usb drive that I just plugged into my computer and downloaded the program. You do need internet while the program is running. This is how you get reports on your child’s progress while they are playing the game. I chose the usb because it can’t get scratched. You can also get the software on CD or instant download if that is your preference.


Sticker with phone number that was provided and the usb that has the program on it.

So my children loved the game. I have a 4yr old and a almost 6yr old who fought over who was going to play it every time. It became a bargaining chip for if I needed to go somewhere and the kids had to stay all I needed to say was you can play OIA and all was right with their world again. LOL! They also have a book path chart where you can mark off the books as you go.


picture of the book path from the game. The ones highlighted are the ones my daughter has read.


This is the book path printed out hung above my daughters workboxes.



I loved listening to them help each other with the books and sounds and my younger daughter learning how to use the mouse. I loved that I would get emails when they finished a book and was able to see their progress and what they needed to work on. I really have no complaints about the program. My younger daughter is a very visual hands on learner and this is perfect for her. I’ve also realized I haven’t utilized this program enough and should let my kids play more.


This is the screen of Ooka Island. How fun does that look?

My older daughter had one complaint and it was that she couldn’t pick what she had to do next. She didn’t want to read the book and I told her she had no choice because it was to help her learn to read and she said NO MOM its a game. HAHA! I love when they don’t realize they are learning.

So to sum it up this is a great program and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a supplement to helping their child read.

Ok so now on to some of the logistics of this program and what it is all about. Also at the end of this post Ill be sharing a coupon code with you. So stay tuned. 🙂

So Ooka Island has three different Editions. I’m going to share the homeschool edition with you because that is what I used. Here is a link to the other two editions (home edition and School edition). It is a little pricy for some people but keep in mind that it is a full reading program. I personally didn’t pay much less then this for each of my kids for their reading/spelling program.


Individual (1 student):

12.95 per month

124.95 a year

Family (up to 4 students):

19.99 per month

149.95 per year

This program is based on Common Core Standards and uses a Eye/Ear reading method which you can read more about here. To sum it up it basically is it ” helps children learn to use both their visual and auditory skills to master the building blocks of reading”. They include motivational tools, workbook activities, and some fun songs to sing along with. They also have an ITunes app for the songs.

There is just a wealth of information about this wonderful program and all it entails, so if you would like to learn some more about the behind the scenes of Ooka Island Adventure please go here .

So Ooka Island has graciously provide me and my readers.

So thank you to Ooka Island Adventure for allowing my to trial this program. I will definitely be sharing with others. So go check them out and please use the code above it is good until June 1st, 2013. And this 30% of code is in addition to the 37% off they are already offering. If you aren’t sure about it try it out for a month and go from there.

Hope you have an Ooka-rific Day!




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