Pop Out and Paint Horse Breeds (Review)

I’m so excited to share this book with you. It is great for any Horse Lover in your life.  It is definitely one of a kind.


Title: Pop Out and Paint Horse Breeds

Author: Cindy A. Littlefield

Publisher: Storey Publishing LLC


Retail Price:12.95

Pages: 48 not including the horse templates. Including the templates it is 88 pgs.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.6 x 10.9

Weight: 1.6lbs

I thought when I received this that it was just an instruction guide on how to paint horses. But it is so much more. They not only tell you how to paint different  horse breeds they also include different trivia on the different breeds. They also include the templates for you.

In the beginning of the book it has the 13 different horses including:

The Rocking Tennessee Walker

The Thundering Thouroughbred

The Shaggy Shetland

The Mighty Morgan

The Flashy Friesian

The Sassy Saddlebred

The Quick Quarter Horse

The Colossal Clydesdale

The Splashy Appaloosa

The Elegant Arabian

So each horse has one page that includes a little bit about the horse including if it’s a racehorse or show horse etc. It also include a fun little piece of trivia about a real life horse of the breed. An example for The Thundering Thoroughbred it:

Sky High

“In 1944, a Thoroughbred named Faithful was retired from racing and trained to jump. Competing under his new Chilean name of Huaso, He set a new world record by clearing an 8-foot, 2-inch fence!” (pg.5)

Also included on each page is what you will need to paint each horse. It includes which color paint you will need and what color embroidery floss for the mane you will need. In the back of the book are the pop out horses for you to paint. The great thing about it is there is no cutting involved or painting the actual template because they have already made the horse its natural color. There are 4 steps in completing your horse. Each step goes into detail of what is needed.


pg. 5 Information page on Thoroughbreds.

Step 1 is gathering your supplies. Including supplies for painting the body, for creating the mane and tail, for making a stand, and then what you will need to put it all together.

Step 2 is painting your horse. There is 15 pages on tips and tricks on how to paint everything from the detail of the ears to the detail of hooves and spots. There is 2 templates for each horse and it explains why and how to put it together correctly. Also at the beginning where it talks about each horse it references the page on where to find out how to paint each part of the horse. An example is for the Thoroughbred hooves is referenced to page 20 of the book. I love how detailed everything is and it has very clear pictures and instructions. I think if it did not have this I would have set this aside and been done with it.


pg. 53 Thoroughbred Pop Out template.


Pg. 23 detailed instructions of how to paint the muzzle of your chosen horse.

Step 3 is adding the mane and tail. I goes into detail about “choosing your horse hair” and which horse it would be good for. An example is Rayon embroidery floss is good for Arabians because it looks a bit flyaway when unraveled.

Step 4 is Finish Up. In other words finish gluing it together create a stand for it doing touch ups and a bonus of how to build a stable for your horse if you choose. I think a stable is a great addition to this book. I can see my daughter finishing up a horse then asking for a stable for it. The stable is also very detailed and has great instructions to guide you along the way.

So that is about it. There really is nothing I don’t like about this book. I would recommend this to anyone and it is great for a curriculum supplement about either animals or of course horses. Even just the horse lover who is looking for something extra to do this summer, which is what I plan on using it with my girls.

*Just a note that the horse templates are made out of heavy cardstock.

For what is included in this book it is completely worth the price. This author also has Pop Out And Paint Farm Animals coming soon along with a slew of other kids craft/game books which you can see here.

Blessings Kayleigh


I received this book from Home Education Magazine for my review.

(This post may contain affiliate links.)


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