So I finally took the TV out of the living room. Yes you heard me right. NO TV. As soon as I heard my daughter throwing a royal fit and crying over me not allowing her to watch TV it was time to take it down. There is a whole world out there to explore and they are spending it inside watching a screen. Its been three days and the kids are doing great without it. I let them watch a movie at night or a show but otherwise kids are behaving better, playing better together, even the baby is playing with himself and his toys now that the TV isn’t on for more then half the day. My husband and I actually had a conversation that didn’t involve the plan for dinner.

The TV used to be on top of our piano which was at the center of our home. The day after I took it down we had the neighbor kids over and they were all inside because it was raining and they were actually playing the piano. Even my daughters friend who is over quite often has been going to it to play. Before the piano was a TV stand and not an instrument. The TV was on all the time so no one sat at the piano to play. I’m so happy with the changes I’ve seen within my family even if it has only been three days. I’m sure it will only get better. Even my daughter who couldn’t sit still to listen to me read a story is listening better and paying attention and I’m getting to know my kids. I encourage you if you thought about it to give it a try. We are doing it for the entire summer with no TV. Let me know what you think. Am I Crazy? Do you have TV or have a no TV summer?


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