Classical Historian Memory Game (Review)


The Classical Historian is a company that produces a various array of history games and curriculum. The games they offer are for all ages and the curriculum start with 6th grade through 12th. The game I received is the medieval history memory game for ages 3 and up. They have a few different ways to play the game for different skill levels. They also offer ancient history and American history. These games retail for 14.95 each.


  • 64 matching cards
  • Game play instructions for memory and categories

Your Child Will:

  • Build thinking skills for life
  • Master the building blocks of history
  • Improve visual memory

When I think that no one can come out with a better product or game for learning, I’m presented with a new one. I am in love with this product. Although I may be a bit bias because I Love History!

I’m a very visual person and this game is great for others who are visual learners. I love that each piece is the actual photo. An example is for the leaning tower of Pisa is the actual photo and not a cartoon, which I usually see with children’s games educational or not. If you look below at the photo the cards include people, places, paintings, words (which is used in one of the games to match the people to places). Their are so many possibilities for this game. If your child loves to play games and not so much into the course work or just loves history I would recommend this game to you.


You can check them out here at their website.

Here on Facebook.

You can also sign up for their newsletter on the homepage of their website.

Thank you to The Classical Historian for providing me with this product.



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