I’VE GOT YOUR BACK By: James C. Galvin


So what is being a leader mean? Well when I went to an outside source for the answer, because I don’t want Google’s answer, my husband asked me what my definition was. My response was well we are married my definition is your definition. LOL. His response to that was well there you go, there is a definition of a follower. Ha-ha! Yeah not so helpful. So is he saying the opposite a leader is a follower? Well I knew that. As for what I think a leader is, well I’m still learning. I recommend this book though if you are looking for a Christian perspective on the matter.

OK so when I first got this book I was a bit intimidated by the layout of the book because it was not the “typical” book format I’m used to . Every self help type book which is the category I would put this book in has a little example of stories from the past and then talks about whichever topic they are covering for that particular chapter. Well the author here uses a fictional story as an example for the latter part of the book that includes theology of leadership and followership. This type of layout helped me view what the author was trying to communicate through real life examples.

Another great feature is that you have the option of reading the first part second or the second part first. They also include a small study at the back of the book which you could use for yourself or to fellowship with others.

You can buy the book here on amazon.

To learn more about the book and the author also to see where else to purchase please visit their site here.

Thank you to James C. Galvin, Tenthpowerpublishing, and Handlebar Direction for Publishing for supplying me with this book to review.



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