Light for my Path



So you know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well don’t, especially when reading A light for my path By: Davis Carman. And don’t judge a book by its contents if you haven’t read the introduction. You could probably guess I did just that. It isn’t that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t understand why the author would write it the way he did. 

Each two page spread is a letter and and the animal that is represented by that letter. For the rest of this post I’m going to use the letter X as my example (because it is my daughters favorite).

X is the Xantus’s hummingbird. On each page they incorporate the Upper and Lowercase version of the letter, and a word represented by the letter of that page. So for the letter x the word is eXcellent. The word is supposed to be an attribute of God’s word.The book is based on Psalm 119. I love the concept and love how they incorporated it with the alphabet but it went a little over my daughters head. So that is one thing I didn’t care for with the book. I don’t see me using this as a bedtime book but more of bringing it out when we go over the letter of the week. 

I will say though that the thought and time and illustrations in the book are wonderful. The illustrations are my favorite part of the book. I wish I could frame them and put them all about my house on the walls. They are just beautiful.

  photo 2photo 1

As you can see above there is my beautiful girl adding her own words to the story. OK you can’t hear her but she is. She does that with everything. So anyways. There is my little one who I just added with the book because he is cute. lol! (sorry about the lighting not sure what is going on with my camera). 


So this book is from Apologia. It retails on Apologia for $14.00. I think it is a great addition to my collection. I actually have it on display on my hutch. I love it. I can’t say it enough. LOL! 

Thank you to Apologia for giving me this book to review and enjoy.



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