Itooch (review)

So do you have a child who doesn’t like to write? Would they rather use “technology” then read from a book to review? Well my daughter is just like that. I let her on the computer and all of a sudden she can read. LOL! Well I have a great App to share with you called Itooch.

Itooch is an educational app for apple, android, and windows devices. Itooch was developed by eduPad, a french based company that helps develop elementary through middle school educational apps.

Elementary School

Itooch has Elementary and Middle School math, language arts, and science (based on common core). Elementary starts at 3rd grade, which at first I thought well that stinks, but then I really thought about it and my 1st grader would never use it or need it until she one can read better and two have more in-depth studies to have a need for it.


So I downloaded the samples through my Ipod touch for 3rd grade to experience the different features and see what it is all about. I was pleasantly surprised. There are more than 18,000 exercises in the Elementary portion of Itooch. Ten of the titles can be downloaded and tested for free before you commit to purchasing. There is can be up to 4.500 questions PER title. How great is that? They also include health for 5th grade.

“iTooch Elementary is a full learning solution which helps parents, teachers and students to identify and address their learning needs in a fun and motivating way.” –Itooch


  Middle School

The middle school portion has over 10,000 lessons with up to 65 chapters per subject.



So there are so many features. Whether you home school, or using it with a child that goes to public or private this would a be great addition to their studies. Please don’t buy before you try it. No sense in paying money for something you may not even like or think you need. OK that is my two cents for the day.

If you do decide to purchase if I’m reading it right I believe each in app purchase per subject is $9.99 each. Yes a bit steep but I think they have gone above and beyond and have some really great thick content. I will say though that i think a tablet or iPad would be best used with it because it is just a bigger screen base and easier to navigate in my opinion. OK so go check it out if you want.

What are your favorite educational apps? Leave a comment below to let me know.




Classical Historian Memory Game (Review)


The Classical Historian is a company that produces a various array of history games and curriculum. The games they offer are for all ages and the curriculum start with 6th grade through 12th. The game I received is the medieval history memory game for ages 3 and up. They have a few different ways to play the game for different skill levels. They also offer ancient history and American history. These games retail for 14.95 each.


  • 64 matching cards
  • Game play instructions for memory and categories

Your Child Will:

  • Build thinking skills for life
  • Master the building blocks of history
  • Improve visual memory

When I think that no one can come out with a better product or game for learning, I’m presented with a new one. I am in love with this product. Although I may be a bit bias because I Love History!

I’m a very visual person and this game is great for others who are visual learners. I love that each piece is the actual photo. An example is for the leaning tower of Pisa is the actual photo and not a cartoon, which I usually see with children’s games educational or not. If you look below at the photo the cards include people, places, paintings, words (which is used in one of the games to match the people to places). Their are so many possibilities for this game. If your child loves to play games and not so much into the course work or just loves history I would recommend this game to you.


You can check them out here at their website.

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You can also sign up for their newsletter on the homepage of their website.

Thank you to The Classical Historian for providing me with this product.