What is heaven like?

Children are often wondering what heaven is like. Where is it? Why cant we see it? I believe parents often freeze in hopes that the child will just walk away or be content with a simple answer such as up in the sky. But it is never that easy is it?

My children love to ask me hard questions that I have no clue on how to answer. I often google the answer and get not one but thousands. In the book Heaven, a first steps guide for children Author Stephen Elkins delicately handles the question of heaven for children.


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Price: 12.99
ISBN: 978-1-4143-7931-9
Trim Size: 6.5 x 8.5
Binding: Hardcover
Release: March 2014

I would suggest this as a devotional for small children ages 4-8.  Each page has a Bible verse and a short excerpt about what heaven is like, with a corresponding picture.  Heaven is a beautiful and fun book to enjoy with your children or grandchildren.  I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars.


Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or ARC. – See more at: http://www.tyndaleblognetwork.com/5_nav/guidelines.php#sthash.h5WUAbUN.dpuf



Homeschool Mom’s Bible NIV

My first impression upon opening this Bible was “where is it all?”. By that I mean it seemed like a plain ole regular devotional bible.  Every few days there is a page for encouragement but I don’t think it is enough to be called the homeschool mom_200_360_Book.922.cover‘s bible.

Let’s face it. Homeschool moms are looking for more than the “parenting encouragement”. Parenting encouragement applies to all parents whether you homeschool or not. Although I do understand that they mesh together, some times to well.  So when I opened this bible and started reading the devotionals I thought “this is just like a parenting devotional, how is this different for “homeschool” moms?”.

Well upon reading more there were mentions of homeschooling children and how well they teach themselves sometimes rather us. How many times have us homeschool moms spent an hour teaching them how to regroup and not more than an hour later they are learning
how the inner ear works :/ and ready to give a full on report ready with diagrams (true story).

So although you may here the sound of disappointment, it is an OK bible.  It isn’t bad.  I just had my hopes up that it would be more.  If you are looking for a simple devotional with daily readings than you will probably really enjoy this bible.  But if you are looking for more of a study bible this is not for you.  I would give this bible a 3 out of 5 starts.


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Light for my Path



So you know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well don’t, especially when reading A light for my path By: Davis Carman. And don’t judge a book by its contents if you haven’t read the introduction. You could probably guess I did just that. It isn’t that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t understand why the author would write it the way he did. 

Each two page spread is a letter and and the animal that is represented by that letter. For the rest of this post I’m going to use the letter X as my example (because it is my daughters favorite).

X is the Xantus’s hummingbird. On each page they incorporate the Upper and Lowercase version of the letter, and a word represented by the letter of that page. So for the letter x the word is eXcellent. The word is supposed to be an attribute of God’s word.The book is based on Psalm 119. I love the concept and love how they incorporated it with the alphabet but it went a little over my daughters head. So that is one thing I didn’t care for with the book. I don’t see me using this as a bedtime book but more of bringing it out when we go over the letter of the week. 

I will say though that the thought and time and illustrations in the book are wonderful. The illustrations are my favorite part of the book. I wish I could frame them and put them all about my house on the walls. They are just beautiful.

  photo 2photo 1

As you can see above there is my beautiful girl adding her own words to the story. OK you can’t hear her but she is. She does that with everything. So anyways. There is my little one who I just added with the book because he is cute. lol! (sorry about the lighting not sure what is going on with my camera). 


So this book is from Apologia. It retails on Apologia for $14.00. I think it is a great addition to my collection. I actually have it on display on my hutch. I love it. I can’t say it enough. LOL! 

Thank you to Apologia for giving me this book to review and enjoy.


The Blessed Woman By Debbie Morris (Review)


Debbie Morris take you through the lives of 12 woman in the bible. She starts out with Eve, and Mary and ends with Naomi. For each woman she applies a concept from their lives and helps apply it to todays woman. For Mary she talks about “Being Uses by God, Despite our Inadequacies”. Through every chapter is a new woman to learn from and gain understanding. This book will open your heart and help you gain the understanding of what it means to be a woman before God and follow him. Just as these women followed God thousands of years ago.

Another great feature of this book is the study guide at the back. If you have a group of women you enjoy getting together with this would be a great book  to read through and grow together. You could also use it for yourself and it will help you just gain some more understanding for yourself.

When my girls get older, middle school age, I believe this would be a great book for them to read. Teach them what it means to be a Godly woman. “Because we as women are fashioned wonderfully and uniquely by God, femininity is living in all the splendor of who God created us to be!”

So to sum up what I thought about this book. I thought it was great. It came at the right time and open my eyes to some heart issues I’ve been struggling with. I love the variety of topics the author covered and thought she was very thorough in her thoughts. So go pick it up today. You won’t be sorry you read it.

WaterBrook Multnomah 14.99- http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/catalog.php?isbn=9780307731913

Amazon- Kindle 7.99, Paper back 11.28 (prices subject to change)


My links aren’t working so I post the entire link next to where you can buy your own copy of The Blessed Woman.


More things to come

So I’m taking the day to get caught up on my blog. It has been a crazy couple of months. With my husband in college full time and starting out our First official year homeschooling I’m finally getting into the groove. For the next week or so I will have some new book review posts and Math Mammoth for Mosaic Reviews. So keep a look out. 

How is everyone else’s year going? Are you surviving? LOL! 

“‘“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’ Numbers 6: 24-26


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I’VE GOT YOUR BACK By: James C. Galvin


So what is being a leader mean? Well when I went to an outside source for the answer, because I don’t want Google’s answer, my husband asked me what my definition was. My response was well we are married my definition is your definition. LOL. His response to that was well there you go, there is a definition of a follower. Ha-ha! Yeah not so helpful. So is he saying the opposite a leader is a follower? Well I knew that. As for what I think a leader is, well I’m still learning. I recommend this book though if you are looking for a Christian perspective on the matter.

OK so when I first got this book I was a bit intimidated by the layout of the book because it was not the “typical” book format I’m used to . Every self help type book which is the category I would put this book in has a little example of stories from the past and then talks about whichever topic they are covering for that particular chapter. Well the author here uses a fictional story as an example for the latter part of the book that includes theology of leadership and followership. This type of layout helped me view what the author was trying to communicate through real life examples.

Another great feature is that you have the option of reading the first part second or the second part first. They also include a small study at the back of the book which you could use for yourself or to fellowship with others.

You can buy the book here on amazon.

To learn more about the book and the author also to see where else to purchase please visit their site here.

Thank you to James C. Galvin, Tenthpowerpublishing, and Handlebar Direction for Publishing for supplying me with this book to review.



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