New Plans 2013/2014 1st, K, tot school

SO new plan! We will be joining the Sonlight community. I have bought and sold and bought and sold curriculum. I was so frustrated I actually went down to the school and registered my girls. When I got home my husband was not happy. Not mad but not happy. So after we went back and forth we finally talked about Sonlight. The biggest reason was because everything is included. My husband is currently finishing his bachelors and is not available to help me like he would be if he wasn’t in school. If you look below you can see the mess. lol! So we went and bought P3/4 all the way through 1st grade multi-subject. It was just easy that way. No thinking. So I have core A and B technically.

The girls will do K and 1st grade Language arts separately and science A and core A together and go write on through to B as we finish A. I didn’t realize that when I ordered it. I just ordered all together because I start school in a week when my husband starts his semester and needed it as soon as possible. But now I’m prepared. Oh and the preschool is for my two younger boys. I’ll still do tot school for Mr.C and start reading with him since he will be 3 at Christmas but nothing formal.

I will add pictures of our box day when it comes.

If you look around my site and see a sonlight banner it does have an affiliate link attached to it. What that means is that if you click on it and make an order I recieve points if you are a first time customer, and you get $50 off your first order. Also if you click on the word “sonlight” I have my link through there. 

So Next Year I will start “officially” Homeschooling. My daughter as of right now 02/2013 is in public school. She will be in First grade next year and in another post found here I talk about my decision to homeschool. So here are my preliminary choices of curriculum.

Miss B: 1st Grade:

Math: Saxon 1 math this may change to math u see Alpha
History: Story of the world 1
Language Arts: All About Reading and Spelling Level 2
Handwriting: A reason for Handwriting A (Ill have to see where she is Im not sure which level would be best for her.)
Geography: Evan Moor Geography Grade 1
Music: Piano Lessons from Mom (I played for 10 years)I’m using the Alfred basic Piano Library Young Beginner Series. Obviously I’m on Level A right now.
Bible: Grapevine Bible Studies Old Testament (beginner traceable’s)
I bought the ebook family license for these so I could use with multiple kids.
Art: Still deciding

Miss G: K4/K5
She is 4 and will be 5 in October. I will be starting her in K since I will be homeschooling. If she was going to public she would be in k4. I’m doing a little with her now before we officially start next year. Like her handwriting I have a feeling we are going to have a problem with it. She also has some delayed motor skills, like cutting with scissors. I just bought her new ones and hopefully they will help. Ill do a separate post on this.

Math: Saxon Math K Math U See Primer
History:Story of the world 1
Language Arts:All about reading Pre-Reading, explode the code (we are doing that now and will start all about reading probably in march.) In the fall she will start level 1 of All about reading and Spelling
Handwriting:Handwriting without tears get set for school (In the fall I hope to start a reason for handwriting K but Ill see how she does with this first.) So I did the get set for school HWT and she did ok. I started on a reason for handwriting and like it sooo much for the HWT. I like the dots it has and the colors. It is just all around better obviously its my personal opinion.
Music:Piano not sure yet if I’m going to do a composers series or not. She wants to play violin so not sure what Im going to do yet.
Bible:Grapevine with Miss B
Art: Not sure yet I’m still looking. If you have any suggestions please comment below. 🙂

Mr. C 2years Old

Tot School: We will be using 1+1+1 tot school printables. I will be laminating them and saving them for Mr. M also. Thank You Carisa from 1+1+1 for the free printables.

Well then we have Mr. M well he’s just going to play with his toys. 🙂 He’s only 8 months right now. But he will be grown up before I know it. 😦

So that’s what I have for now. I will update in a few months or if things change sooner. Please leave me a comment. (I love comments)
Have a blessed day. Thanks for stopping by.

Updated May 2013


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